Tuesday, January 18, 2011


By itself, a necklace is little more than a pile of pretty stones and shiny metal.  When placed upon a woman's neck; however, the jewelry is dignified, and even the most perfect female form is complemented.  Here are three of my favorite necklaces.    

My pearls
Black Onyx (2008) by Lora Gill 
My Stone Necklace

The other night while I was fastening one of my necklaces, I started thinking about how we choose to adorn ourselves.  With that thought, I found out some interesting facts related to the necklace:  the oldest gold  necklace in the Americas was discovered a few years ago in Peru; one of the most famous necklaces is associated with Marie Antoinette and she never wore it; and there are six different variations of the necklace categorized by length. 

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