Monday, February 21, 2011

Daily Something #5: My Thoughts on Words

Words are more than just labels.  They are the currency of explanation and are more than just ink on a page.  They give voice to our environment, our dreams, and the most private parts of our inner being.  When I think of words, I think of them in four dimensions.  I'll use the word lollipop as an example.

First, there is the appearance of the word, how the letters are grouped and combined.  Take, for example, the letters l, i, and p.  They give a sense of balance to the word lollipop.  The second dimension is how the word sounds when you say it or hear it spoken.  The l's roll off your tongue and move into a powerful explosion at the end.  The meaning of the word is the third dimension. Some words have only one meaning or a very dominant meaning that makes them resonate more than others.  Lollipop is one of those words.  When we see or hear it, we can't help but think of a yummy treat on a stick.  And that brings me to the fourth dimension, which is how a word makes us feel and what it makes us remember.

With this in mind, I'll begin sharing some of my favorite words with you.  Here is the first batch of ten out of my one hundred.

1.  circle
2.  masquerade 
3.  breathe
4.  luminescence
5.  slipper
6.  slow
7.  cloud
8.  honeysuckle
9.  happenstance
10.  embrace

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