Thursday, December 22, 2011

Daily Something #19: Catching Up

I started a photography project about two months ago on the 365 project website and have been absorbed in taking pictures and figuring out the camera that my father gave me.  While this has been a great creative endeavor, I have missed sharing things on my blog. Now that I have established a routine, it is my hope to start sharing again.

I finally finished Fraces Mayes The Discovery of Poetry and have a greater appreciation for the beauty of words and how they can be arranged to express such powerful images.  Poetry is so different from our normal, everyday speech, and the selections Mayes chose to include in her book challenged me to really ponder and concentrate on the arrangement, form, and the sounds of words.  I had to read some of the poems more than once in order to understand them, but the effort was well worth my time. 

Here is a poem by Paul Hoover that Mayes includes in her book. It is one that appears to be simple, but is a wonderful example of style, rhythm, and form.

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